Our Fees

Our Fee depends on Scope of Work and Project’s Size ...

Best way to know about the proposed fee of your project is to send us the scope of work and available documents, datasheets, schedule and plans via (cloud server / PDF).

We will review and get back to you with our proposal including our terms and conditions. (Email: admin@capexium.com)

Approval to proceed

After receiving the proposal from us, we will discuss in details the scope and proposal for all clarifications via conference call or in person.

You can approve us to proceed by signing the proposal with the terms and conditions provided. Once received, we will schedule a kick off meeting for the project.

In determining the project fee involves many factors but limited to the following:

 - Size and complexity of the project

 - Mandate duration

 - Process complexity and design

 - Constructibility report

 - Estimate accuracy and level of efforts

Key feature of the cost estimation fees
  • For all cost estimates, a cost estimating plan will be developed and agreed on with the client;

  • The contents of the plan are to be agreed on and formally approved and signed off before the cost estimating work starts;

  • All cost estimates will be prepared following the client's cost estimating guidelines if available;

  • For all cost estimates carried out, we will have a review and approval process resulting in an approved basis of estimate;

  • Cost estimates will only be released once approved and they will be issued to the client's main focal point;

  • CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) uncertainty analysis will be executed for the appropriate phases;

  • All cost estimates will be submitted in the form of a formal report, and the contents will be defined in the estimating plan;

  • According to the comments and feedback from the client, the cost estimate may be modified by agreement;

  • All cost estimates generated will be properly recorded and archived both electronically and in hard copy.